My first unity game I made for a school project. It's a small platformer game where you need to get out of a pit (5 minutes avg).

Every models and textures were made by me. The music was made by my classmate.

You just woke up at the bottom of a pit, the cold and humid air on your skin makes you think that all is lost. That’s when you feel a warmth, a lit torch but nowhere around. It doesn’t really matter, it only means that there is still hope. You need to get out of this pit no matter what awaits inside or outside of it.

Movement =   wasd

Interaction (grab Torch/ Press Button) = left click

pause = esc

Install instructions

Just launch the exe of the game.

The quality setting is bugged and change the resolution too for some reason.


Download 24 MB


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the game is cool mens wooo mens gg

Thanks :)